His Hands

  by MikeC It's been quite some time since I've written a blog, years actually, that I've been on here since the last one I wrote. A lot has happened in my life since then and I think this can be a good start as I try to take the time to do a little catch up one blog at a time. I won't go through ALL of the things that have happened up to this point in my life as this would turn out to be the most longest blog ever if I did. But I figured I'd start with one of the recent events that inspired me to get back into this. Some years back, I had helped my dad put up a garage patio and was very grateful for that time spent together with him and learning more about building things from him. He loved working on projects and taking on challenges without much fear. He was good at what he did and was able to get things done once he got started. When we completed the whole project we stepped back and admired the work we did together, even to the point of putting our names on the

Laredo 2016

The day we had been planning on and waiting for has finally come and gone, and too soon it felt, but every moment was well worth spent being with our young brothers and sisters in Christ at Sacred Heart Children's Home. They are growing so fast, amazing how three years just flies by. We had a larger group join us and much more support than last year's event. We pray these moments spent together will last a lifetime for these beautiful children of God. The whole goal of our ministry is not only evangelizing through music but to plant our seedz of faith into the hearts of those we minister and speak to daily. I'm sure I speak for the rest of the group when I say I always take a piece of Laredo with me when I leave. I remember last year like it was yesterday and I still carry a note from one of the children in my wallet. I even remember almost coming to tears when one of them asked me last year not to leave and that they wished they could come with us or that we stayed. We are

Call On Him

by MikeC Ok, I feel I need to write this down, I believe the Holy Spirit is asking me to send this message to you. If you haven't called on God yet and conversed with Him, I tell you now to please dial Him up and patch things up. If you have called Him but felt you got the cold shoulder every time, I tell you now, swallow your pride and call Him back but this time trust in Him and give Him all your love. Yeah there were times I called on God and didn't get any answers right there and then, BUT, with patience and trust in His will, you will get an answer. I'll be honest, recently I've thought about putting down the mic, and pretty much ending my ministry. As you may or may not know, I'm a big advocate of spending one on one time during Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament to really converse deeply with our Lord and deeply offering up my prayers and asking the Lord for His guidance.  The devil is always going to try and knock you down, by throwing you curve bal

Back to School Rally - Sent by God?

St. Pius X Catholic Church - Weslaco, TX So this past weekend, we were blessed with the opportunity to speak and perform for youth in grades 6-12 alongside our brothers in Christ, The Uncut Diamondz (TUD). We had a great time and enjoyed the time spent talking with both the youth in attendance and the team members. It was a Back to School rally put together by their new DRE, Brother JD and his team. It was meant to inspire the youth, to prepare and arm themselves spiritually as they continue their journey in both their education and their faith. The team put together some great skits and fun ice-breaker activities that even I got to participate in (although I didn't do too well during my turn). They were even presented with a beautiful and inspiring video. TUD had performed earlier to get the youth spirit fired up and they did a very good job. After the video presentation, Ener-J of TUD took some time to give a deep and inspirational testimony about prayer, friendship, and lonelin

Year of Faith Event - Laredo, TX

Sacred Heart Children's Shelter in Laredo, TX This was such an inspiring event to perform alongside our brothers in Christ, The Uncut Diamondz. These youth were so inspiring and was so great to Jesus Christ in their faces. Please keep them all in your prayers. A big shout out to Anna Gonzalez and her YOF crew, you all did a great job putting this event together and you all are such a blessing to all you serve through your ministry, also to the Sisters at this facility, for all the work and dedication you put into the lives of these children of God, your work doesn't go unnoticed and you could see the good fruits being produced through the spirit of these children. God-willing, we will meet again to once again share the fire of the Holy Spirit! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - All for God's greater glory - AMDG!!!

IGNITE 2014 - Youth Concert at Santo Niño Catholic Church (San Antonio, TX)

What's up SOF peeps! We had an awesome time this past weekend IGNITING the Holy Spirit in the hearts of all who came out to this great event. Big shout out to Fr. Anthony and the Youth Group as well as all those involved in the parish who came together and helped put this event together under a short time frame. Another shout out to our brothers in Christ who came out to perform that evening: The Uncut Diamondz, The Symbol, Nate Gicano, C2Six and Blessed 1 (and also a heartfelt vocal performance by Chris). Everyone had a great time, the food was exquisite!! Filipinos know how to throw down..AMEN!!! Y'all be sure to check out the artists on their websites and on Facebook. For those who missed out on this show, be sure to check out the videos of our performance in the VIDEOS section and take a look at some photos from the event below. Thank God for this ministry he has bestowed upon us and thank you all for your prayers, love and support. One love and God bless!!

Debut Performance at Fundraiser Dinner (November 13, 2013)

We had a successful evening performing together for the first time as a group for a fundraiser dinner raising money towards the relief efforts in the Philippines. We had a great time, enjoying the food, entertainment and hospitality of the hosts and guests that evening. I pray we inspired the hearts of guests last night with our message of hope and trust in God. Check out the performance on the VIDEOS page.